Till It’s Gone Remix

Welcome to the interior of one of the most hardest working minds that today continues
to be devoted to what he does and with a problem with anyone who ain’t contribute.
Not to mention a lyrical artillery and when the shit begins it ain’t gon’ miss you.
Most fast rappers can’t rap but luckily for him, both of them ain’t an issue.
I’m back on my shit again.
Ready for a battle, attack like the Minutemen
matched with the fact that the black that I have is simply a metaphor for the sadness I’m giving them.
Fast, I’ve been rapping way past what you’re thinking friend.
I had mixtape tracks in my fifth grade class, I was killing then.
Flashback to the fat backpack that I stashed that shit up in.
Trash that, spit again.
The mentality that a dude had, you had half ass intellect.
But I don’t give a rat’s ass, I’m the bee’s knees, see me when you have that internet.
Every last frat rap slash whack ass pack that has slack kill them dead.
My 16s get them hit, you’re like the 16th president, ’cause you’re innocent.
I’m an intricate knife getting inside literally anyone getting away with living a lie.
I’ll hit them within a minute, finna be witnessing a menus in disguise.
Sicker than anyone giving a lyric and sick in the mind.
I’m the literal definition of unmimicable.
Kid is the divine, witness it within my eyes.
They see me getting rid of any competition of mine.
They know I’m making a fool out of
them kicking a rhyme.
You are different than I.
Every day my brain is working to create a state a purpose,

change the way you may observe it.
Today my place of worship is the place I lay my verse and
hate became my rage, it made me flourish,

now I put the rage in courage
till it ain’t occurring.
This page I drain the pain I’ve gained through anger’s burdens.
When the flames is burning,
I break my chains and slay restraints this game has made

’cause ain’t no way they’ll stay and take my brain

this game obtains the frame of a deranged yet famous circus.
Clowns running around for an entertainment purpose.
But the leader just trying to make you purchase.
This industry is raising little pets.
Rather give you drank and cigarettes than brain and intellect.
Got me hating my generation like Kardashian’s photoshopped ass that breaks the internet.
You can save that shit, I’ve got a brain.
Now when it’s real rap it’s a holiday.
Ain’t where I should be but I’m on my way.
Making noise from the side like pocket change.
You’re best rapper alive list? Full of shit.
I’m the bullet in you’re bulletin.
They don’t want a youngin to be good with this.
But I think outside of the box that they put me in.
I’m working at my leisure
when I’m turning on a speaker
I’ll be lurking as a creature
when I burn them like a heater
and I murder like the Reaper
as I’m murking every feature
I’ll be learning from a teacher
but I’m serving like a leader.
I’m urging and I’m eager
to be heard of as a speaker
of the words and the demeanor
of a worker with no breather
’cause a verse without my ether
is a church without a preacher
and I’m earning but my service for the person in the bleacher.
So I give a damn salute to
each friend that’s new to this plan.
Understand you handed me this and man I can’t refuse you.
And until I’m banned from YouTube,
the raps that I record will snap your spine cord and literally have your ass handed to you.
Rise against me, I would like to just see
you try to get on my level whenever you’re rhyming simply.
Everybody be talking that shit when I get gritty
but I’m better than anyone rapping who tried to diss me.
I define the grizzly-grind of 50
when he was trying to shine or die trying, this be
why I write this quickly.
Motivation is what I’m kind of sending, you’re condescending.
When I write these writtens,
I combine Einstein’s mind with science fiction.
Mix the liberal mind of Brian griffin with violent thinking like pirate ships with living by a rhyme religion with giant visions, virus sickness, psychic thinking.
Lines so vivid guys and women picture my words like hieroglyphics
’cause I’m the shit.