Verse 1:

Token is a total mind fuck.
A youngin in this game shouldn’t be performing in night clubs.
A youngin in this game shouldn’t be constructing the thoughts he does.
A youngin in this game shouldn’t be this better than all of us.
They don’t wanna book me for a set.
They just want me to take the role of a rookie, but instead
I kept on grinding and each day took me another step.
And now all those mother fuckers just look at me like a threat.
And I am, god dammit I am, listen and like it.
Spit like a hybrid of a militant violent lyrical tyrant mixed with Goliath since I’m a giant think like a psychic ending this crisis behead em with my spit quicker than Isis.
I make English my bitch in the booth.
Literacy’s literally limiting to a living listening linguist licking the lips of the truth.
And if I put on a mask, didn’t show who I was, I’d be an artist you strive to be similar to.
But I’m a


Taking over getting more popular lately.
Horrified when you see it so you go and blame me.
Reality proving you’re just mad that you’re ain’t me.
E, A, T.
Yea, I know why you hate me, I’m a threat.
Threatening your career with my mental.
You’re just mad ’cause you’re afraid of my potential.
I got a whole crew behind me and you look weak.
‘Cause you’re scared and you should be.

Verse 2:

I show and I prove that I’m doper than you with the flow that I do and the quotables too.
Every moment I’m choosing to go in the booth I’m patrolling the truth and opponents like you will go over the roof.
And they’re totally confused being older assuming that Token is new.

Yea but Token been doing this longer than you.

Every clone I produce will get broken in two.
‘Cause I am the only, the centerpiece.
No one’s ahead of me.
Grow exponentially.
Foes and the enemies
Frozen with jealousy.
Overdose from the potent melodies.
Like dope, heroin,
Coke, LSD,
Don’t step to me.
Your pedigree’s
Slow you know I blow your dome, Jon Kennedy.
See, I’m puppeteer you’re the puppet.
It’s my plan to petrify I piss off pears till they plummet.
You’ll hear that I’m buzzing the years to be coming it’s clear I ain’t fronting.
I’m from Salem, MA where we’re weird and we love it.
I am Mass’s mastermind.
I out rap every platinum rapper signed to pass the time.
You’re mad but mad inclined.
So for this year’s Halloween I’ma wear the Token shirt and really catch some eyes.

I’m a…