Sway Freestyle

Sway this is a dream of mine.

Before I even rhyme,

I don’t want to be defined by these rhyme scheme of mine.

They put me in a box labeled “too ahead of his freaking time”

Too complex, they don’t look deep inside

17 designed with a genius mind

that could teach the blind to see a fly

on a piece of lined paper in a secret shrine 80 million feet behind

They ain’t gon see my piece of mind

They gon see this piece of mine.

Wait, that ain’t me, hold the questions.

The radio told me this is cool, not a weapon.


No hate, but every spitter who’s next

I’m the grim reaper reaping the benefits of your death.

Watching me grow and I’m finally here they’re dying because it.

I’ma shit on your career, that’s why you gon plummet.

Token the fly and beloved.

That’s got a nice ring to it like a Golddigger supplied by your husband.

Only rhymer who does it

Without a mind that is functioned

To be designed as a puppet.

I’ma climb to the summit.

Grind till the sun is declining inside the Horizon and I am aligned with O’Ryan at night in the sky and above it.

Rappers all over the Internet say that I’m being too rapity-rap but wait till you hear the project, you will see I can adjust it.

I have been summoned, to bring this music back, the cocoon just cracked to the butterflies in their stomach.

But they don’t want me to drop this mixtape.

They want me to follow this way

what the contract dictate.

But right now I’m just trying to go off for shit sake

And hear Heather B say talk your shit sway

Real shit.

And I believe in my craft

Sacrifice my childhood ask my people in mass

I’m used to getting mad left at sway

Bring my backpack backstage

And pass class that way.

I do my Spanish project when I plan of content.

I do my English essay when I’m scripting with the pen game.

I do my course of math when I record the track.

Physics when I mix it.

I do my world history when a groupie girl’s kissing me

No time to waste, I don’t ignore the time, I never did.

You might be forming rhymes better than a fortified specialist

but you prioritize horrendous with performance like a negligent unorganized special kid.

This shit is sort of, kind of effortless.

When I don’t mortify and horrify with penmanship,

the war and crime of organized terrorists

will borderline be normalized, respected and

supported by our lord and Christ and president.

I import this penmanship

for the poor dependent kids

who purely pessimist.

I pour expression with

my portrait pencil just

to explore the precipice

of pure impressiveness.

That’s P’s. At ease.

Everyone got their opinion but Token don’t listen to anyone who don’t be working as rigorous as me.

Everyone saying that they can do better, if you can do better then please do it better then come to me after, but you show everyone here that you this fucking nasty.

I don’t believe you. You’re thinking’s wrong.

Them cribs, cars, trips, broads won’t last long with no wisdom dawg.

We ain’t the same, you tripping dawg.

That’s a fabric of your imagination, we cut from a different cloth.

But I reload this penmanship

like I’m refilling a clip to blow the premises.

You could take pictures with a gun just to be posting every flick.

You still couldn’t pose a threat with this.

I control my nemesis.

They just puppets, I pull strings like an organ specialist.

Wanting to beat me is like watching a Bill O’Riley Rush Limbaugh debate in hopes to grow intelligence.

Ain’t happening. Peers ain’t fathom this.

You hear that I’m slacking it’s hearsay, blasphemous.

All my fan here ain’t arrogant

cuz my tracks open minds like severe brain damages.

And I’m a be the first man leading the swarm

of people spit in the face of everybody who calls themselves an MC but can’t even perform.

Your fans leave through the door when you go, but when I go,

I’m antagonizing the show again

grabbing mics I am vulgar and

classified as a chauvinist

asinine inappropriate

rapper, writer, vocalist.

Battle like I’m Napoleon

Half these rhymes are nowhere as

agonizing as Token is.

My appetite has a rose and these

average minded opponents are

appetizing I’m going in.

Acting like you’re the dopest but

talent wise, I’m the ultimate.

A mastermind, a patch of ice ain’t cold as this.

My heart is as black as all my attire.

Rappers always require

passion tossed in the dryer.

Dad and mom are right by ya

but acting all like a fighter.

You tell em they’re sick you’re a pathological liar.

And I ain’t finished,

I am smarter than 99 percent of every guy you witnessed.

Windshield wiper’s kicking when I will finish a brainstorm, they’re driving in it.

So intellectually strong with every rhyme I’ve written,

I could punch a wall, make hieroglyphics

like I’m Egyptian.

You tried but didn’t divide the vision of my devision.

Inside my skin it is kinda frigid.

My own lyrics are stylistically cryogenic.

Christ, it’s crisis a crime you witness.

But I’m the syllabic monster.

You’ll get schooled more than disciplined scholar.

Who’s dissing this? I ain’t a little bit bothered.

You ain’t internet bloggers you some twitter shit talkers.

You ain’t spitting shit proper.

Your punch lines, corny, your flow can get a bit awkward.

I’ll show you how to do this like a generous father.

I follow the bar codes like an interested shopper.

Call the intellect doctor, I’m sick in the head.

Sit in my bed, gripping a pen a limitless author.

I’ll ¬†write forever I work lightly? Never.

I work till tare a wrist like an Isis member.

I’m so clever when I see letters my mind is pleasured

and pressured to bring ’em right together.

Chop ’em up like a knife or blender or slicer shredder.

And make a rhyme scheme better than 99 percent of the guys who enter

You’re like a feather I will sever

Your career gon be shorter than my temper when hearing you rhyme, remember

these rhymes are wild and I’m the shepherd.

Life defines my effort so I grind like Ryan Sheckler.

Sway I never came here clueless.

My first song sounded like a page cleared by Shakespeare’s student.

Do it till I got a great beard like I may steer the reindeer’s movement.

17 and started the same year you did.

See, this my life, my manager told me cherish the moment

You haven’t been a kid in years, it’s apparent you know it.

But I’m good, you never seen a kid so there and so focused

That’s shy I’m raising profit like marry and Joseph

But to be honest, this bragging shit is worthless

I don’t know about you but I got a bigger purpose

You say “fuck the world” but your revelation is pointless

You say “freedom of speech” but

my generation is voiceless

And I’m tired of it. And they not help.

You won’t love yourself until you are yourself and you are not yourself

Avoidance is a drug

You can’t post your whole fucking life on Instagram and expect not to be judged

We vulnerable, we all just vulnerable

But my bucket list will always be full

I’m never satisfied I never had to lie I never havent grinded for the team of mine.

I’m finally here,

And sway this was a dream of mine.