Still No Sucka MCs

Every beat that is given to me I flip on like a acrobat ’cause I’m mad when I’m told
that a whack ass rapper’s stacking the dough.
When his Cadillac is passing my road,
I’ll smash the glass with a hatchet I hold.
You get asthma attack when you’re jacking my flow.
This black-on-black so fashionable.
Every rap is crack, got that for the low.
“Man I’m tired of this kid he doesn’t even have bars, he can just rap fast.”
Yo, who are you kidding?
The future you witnessed.
The fruits of my labor are food for the village.
No room for assistance.
They say the body’s a temple, I body musical gimmicks, so that’s my newest religion –
Confusing the thinking of Jews and the Christians.
No lunatic can just assume my position.
No lucrative business can ruin my vision.
What I institute’s on YouTube in an instant.
When I’m introduced, I chuck the deuce to your interests.
Fuck an opinion, I got homework and stuff.
My physics teacher is a babe, I gotta get that shit over and done.
See it in your eyes, you rappers nervous when Token’ll come.
Hands so sweaty they can’t even hold any grudge.
“They don’t give a damn.”
Middle finger to anyone trying to control me. My team isn’t big but we’re handling everything. People around me can see I’m a businessman.
But I don’t rock a suit with a tie, I keep it minimal.
Only suspender I know is my middle school principal.
Forming these syllables-
sort of a ritual.
You’re more normal and typical than brainstorms formed by Jersey Shore’s whores with poor morals and principles.
I adore gore; therefore, absorb more horrorcore war than corporals and generals.
They just know I’m focused.
Ironic how my train of thought has loco-motives.
“Oh shit.”
If that’s over your head than hold the phone kid.
I got them yelling “holy smokes” like Catholics at the Vatican when the pope is chosen.
I do it with ease.
But I’ve been working my ass off since I was new in my teens.
And to anybody who say I’m only buzzing ’cause I’m young, you’re just mad that you’re an adult and you still can’t do it like me.
I see the jealousy up in you.
Look at the hate in the comments, I see the low self-esteem up in you.
I see you making like any comparison barely with evidence sneaking around like you really ain’t dissing me but I see the enemy up in.
Then I realized


Gangsters used to move ounces and reach for burners.
Now gangsters only move mouses and reach for cursors.
Nah, they ain’t worth it.
All around your studio I’ll be lurking,
waiting for you to slip so I can close the curtain.
You’re the bible to atheists.
You’re the rifle to pacifists.
I went viral by accident, wait till I do it on purpose.
Man it’s Token