Hard White Remix

Lyrical villainy’s given epitome is officially finishing killing spree.
Sickening enemies and isn’t a mystery his victory’s imminent history.
Fitness agility isn’t shit to mental energy, it is a disability.
‘Cause I witnessed an epiphany-
mind over matter, gain mental ability.
It’s mind over pressure. Mind over pleasure.
Bash you in your mind if your mind don’t remember
that mine’s only clever.
So when it comes to music, I rather spend time over cheddar.
I’m better than I’ve ever been. You don’t feel me
’cause I’m officially better than you ever will be.
I’m filthy, you’re no one special.
Couldn’t stop my growth potential if you killed me.
You’re not impressive you’re called the best hope you got a blessing.
You’re not a small contestant, skin crawls when your jaw is spreading.
The consequence is a palm to peg it and claws to stretch it.
Then meet a blade named pride, you gon’ swallow, get it?
Pardon, I’m not a menus, this just how I solve aggression.
The glob of darkness in my chest you call a heart is shredded.
You’re nothing, you’re a pawn in chess and I’m the king to you.
Or you’re the night, ’cause you take L’s when you’re making moves.
Pay your dudes, this solo shit ain’t the thing for you.
You’re debut got 18 views and they were mainly you.
So go get fucked off a record deal, be the meat to feed ’em.
And I just met with Interscope, they said I don’t even need ’em.
‘Cause I’m spreading by grinding this hard dude.
I’m spreading like I am the cops trying to stop a guy in his car who might have just robbed you.
I’m spreading like I am the cause of viruses strong as Tyson with paws, a knife, and a glock, trying to sock you.
I’m spreading like lying on Fox News.
I’m moving, quicker than expected.
Driven like a Lexus
You thinking you’re the best but I am thinking in a grip that you’ll be living like a peasant.
Killing with a breath like it was stricken with asbestos.
Sicker than a metic who was given no protection when he’s living with some men with the symptoms of a sickness equivalent to death if another kid were to catch it.
Even with it, still my pen is limitless and endless.
We’ve been different since second grade. When you were molding Play doh,
I was studying how Socrates molded Plato.
You bought a knife but I got a sharper dome and they know.
So you’re scared to your bones ’cause you don’t wanna show-da-blade though.
I’m a protégé bro.
You are never gonna get in my zone, okay bro?
The only way you’re serving me is to hold a plate full of spaghetti and bolognese bro.
So I play no games ’cause I came
for the throne as Dayo aims at my frame.
At a show don’t lay no, go insane and they say
I control the stage yo. Stay in your lane
I’m expanding mine. Branding mine.
It’ll blow you away like a dandelion.
Stopping this can just be fantasized.
I’m doper than chemicals in Amanda Byrnes.
Fuck each drug you glamorize.
Glasshouse put together and they’re vandalized.
Not man of crime,
so talk and get the fuck beat out of you by a fan of mine