From the Ground Up

Verse 1:

Token be the newest out.
Music’s juvenile, but you the student who gets tutored now.
Dudes assume I’ll use the crown like a root canal.
And Massachusetts proud.
I’m the weapon of “mass” destruction Bush was fronting like he knew about.
Who want to fool around?
I’m full of rounds to shoot you down my tongue licks shots to the public.
View the sound, hip-hop is now coming.
Run circles around you till I’m losing pounds like pick-pockets in London.
I stand out when I’m styling out.
Outstanding, I stand up so they understand when I astound the crowd.
Confident enough to go bar for bar and sound for sound.
Just don’t sweat the technique, you’ll fuck around and drown.
Each contest today I’m coming hard
for chains back to back like slaves on Amastad.
You’re plain like kamikazes, you crash. See, I’m back.
Token is the change this game needs to have.


I’ve been working all day, I’ve been working all night, I ain’t even leave the room once.
Y’all would’ve thought I got scolded by now but we only allow positivity around us.
From the ground up, I’ll be at home building.
No limits, we define our ceilings.
Love is inevitable and hate is unavoidable but ask them hip-hop heads how they feeling. We good.

Verse 2:

The flow so slick.
Those old foes who chose to throw blows slip.
’cause Toke’s flow so cold quotes froze most home floors those foes go in.
“Oh shit! Yo it’s the bro that the homies were posting.
I noticed the logo and most of his quotables over my dome but don’t give no shits.”
Low and behold if I’m holding your focus I’m also controlling your soul that is so any moment you don’t give me focus your soul will opened
and broken in two.
I’ll rip out your soul, use it as the soul for my shoe, and kick your scrotum with boots.
Nah I ain’t older than you, still you know I could
be out-rapping you without rapping, you just know what’s good.
A genius mentally, needs my victories.
He could speak and reach the peak infinity,
breathe and see it seep beneath his feet, physically.
Each enemy sneak-dissing me sees misery.
Bleak dignity-
each speech he leaks be the epitome.